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Some Interesting tweets covering recent global weather events

Some Interesting tweets covering recent global weather events

| by Editor | Posted in Meteorology, Extreme Weather, Climate Change

The following Meteorology & Climate tweets are for anyone who has an interest in the Global Weather Enterprise and were kindly suggested by MetraWeather 

Extreme weather (and other news) – Australia and Pacific

Extreme weather (and other news) – Asia and the Middle East, Africa

Extreme weather (and other news) – Americas and Europe

In numbers: the UK public's attitudes towards climate change -


GOES-17 (video left) and GOES-16 (video right) Geostationary Lightning Mapper captured approximately 5 million #lightning flashes — sped up to 10,000x real time in the video below. (Video best experienced with a 3-D viewer). #GOES #space #GLM #weather


Many startups that hope to become the next SpaceX


How the weather affects our mood — and our health

 El Nino / La Nina

Global warming can make extreme weather worse. Now scientists can say by how much.

Cloud seeding / Geoengineering

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